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Be Mindful Cards - Stefanie Pilkington


Be Mindful Activity Cards

Mindfulness and Character Skills for Kids and Families

The Be Mindful Activity Cards are a fun and creative tool to practice mindfulness and character building with your family. The deck includes 24 mindful concepts each with an interactive activity, meditation and breathing exercises and parent/teacher cards.  With concepts ranging from Kindness and Patience to Courage and Compassion, the activities are simple and fun and inspire positive character building for everyone involved. 

The cards were created by Stefanie, a Brooklyn mum. Stefanie has been teaching mindfulness for over 10 years to various audiences and upon becoming a mum in 2014, found an immediate connection with other parents and saw a need for a tool to help teach her kids about these life skills that took her year and years to learn through trial and error. The cards are a platform to incorporate mindful ways of being and character skills into the daily lives of regular, busy people.
Stefanie is a teacher, speaker and thought-leader on topics related to the mind and spiritual journey, and specializes in working with organizations, schools, parents and individuals interested in awareness and mindfulness training.  She founded Internal Beings to socialize mind and spiritual intelligence training by offering programs, workshops, resources and develop a community of practice to encourage self-understanding, deepen interpersonal relationships and encourage social impact.


Material: Card

Size: 14cm by 8cm

Please note they now come in a white cardboard box.

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