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GALT TOYS - Bonkers Bubbles Toy


Brand GALT

Make learning fun with weird and wonderful Horrible Science kits from Galt. Based on the best selling books, Horrible Science kits consist of quirky experiments, allowing kids to get to grips with biology and chemistry in a fun and exciting way! Bonkers Bubbles kit contains lots of fun facts and activities – make your own bubble solution, construct 3D bubble shapes and discover why bubbles are round.

  • Galt Horrible Science Bonkers Bubbles
  • Bubble solution and wand
  • Glycerine
  • Small and large clip-together wires
  • String
  • Rigid straw
  • String
  • Rigid straw
  • 8 straws
  • 2 rubber bands
  • Horrible Info leaflet
  • Suitable for ages 6+ under adult supervision
  • Product Dimensions 20.8x15.6x7cm