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PLAN TOYS - Pastel Triangle Clutching Wooden Toy



This Plan Toys 2 level race track and parking garage is made from highly sustainable black rubberwood, which is suitable for chalk markings, meaning your little one can add their own road markings to the track. The 2 levels are perfect for whizzing the 2 cars down the ramps, stopping to park on the way on either of the parking spots. 

This wooden race track and garage is easily assembled, with the wooden posts made from Planwood. The 2 included cars are extremely zippy, and children we love using them as racing cars, taking the kids to school, or popping to the local shopping centre. We recommend buying the Plan Toys helicopter to go with it to park on the helipad.

Measures 51.6cm x 43cm x 17cm.  

Suitable for 3 years +.  



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