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SCAMP & DUDE - Chill Out Leggings Navy Lucky Tiger Trousers with Neon Piping


Super soft navy leggings featuring our Lucky Tiger print. Neon pink embroidered lightning bolt Superpower Button on the hip. Neon piping running down the leg seam

97.3% cotton
2.7% elastin

Wash at 30 degrees.

About Scamp & Dude

Scamp & Dude is a unique British brand, available exclusively at Our Kid in the North West. It was created and launched in 2016 by Jo Tutchener-Sharp following life-threatening brain surgery. Every parent understands the feeling you get when you have to leave your child, whether it be a business trip or first day at school. That knot in the stomach and the ache in the heart. It was this moment that inspired Jo to create a brand that helps children feel more secure when apart from their loved ones, and Scamp & Dude was born.

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