Behind the scenes at our Candy Bows tutu shoot!

Whoever said 'never work with kids or animals' obviously never had the pleasure of shooting with our gorgeous mini models Carmen and Alma. Overcoming jetlag and consuming their bodyweight in Haribo, our 2 most loyal customers stepped in front of the camera at a top Manchester studio to work it in the pretty petticoat layers of our new Candy Bows tutu collection.

With a capsule collection of the world's most random props (yes that is a gnome) the girls twirled and giggled in a haze of bubbles and balloons. 

You can see the results of our first ever Our Kid photoshoot on the website along with our brand new winter shades in soft grey, navy and teal not forgetting the classic wild rose and baby pink.

Our Kid would like to thank Rob Evans Photography for his support with this shoot. Big hugs to Carmen and Alma and their 'people' including chief bubble blower Jamie Doucette.

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  • Rangler

    Bisogna sensibilizzare la gente, purtroppo c’è molta ignoranza e menefreghismo…c’è da dire che ciò che si può fare va fatto, non solo per i nostri figli, ma anche per noi stessi, per poter godere di questi posti bellissimi che la natura ci offre, e che ci ostiniamo a distruggere meticolosamente… le istituzioni devono dare il loro apporto, che è foa2pmentnle&#8d30;&nbsa;  0 Mi piace

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