Halloween Frights for Under 5's #5 Trick or Treating Toddler Style

Trick or Treating Toddler Style

When: Saturday 31st October, 5pm onwards. In Chorlton, the rule is any house that has a pumpkin in the window or at the front door is fair game.

We made our first foray into the heady world of trick or treating last year when the boys were on the cusp of turning 3. It was a crazed hour of manic door knocking, competitive sweet stashing and sugar-fuelled giddiness. And we loved it. Our tips for successful toddler tricksters are pretty simple:

  1. Meet in a densely populated family-friendly area, ideally at someone's house so you can have a medicinal wine. You will need it to keep your nerves in check once the sugar kicks in.
  2. Trick in a group and bring along a spare (unsuspecting) grandparent to help you stay as a complete unit. Your toddlers will demonstrate the sprinting skills of Usain Bolt once they realise doors mean sweets. Get ready to run mummies!
  3. Kids be crazy when it comes to sweets. At least one child in your group will have their bucket raided by a fellow haribo-high junkie and it ain't pretty to have a meltdown on your neighbours doorstep. Keep an eye on the quiet ones. It's always the quiet ones.

Our Kid says..."Even the baby can join in with the sweet-fuelled fun in this amazing Boys&Girls Lollipop onesie!"


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