Festive Fashion Traditions Reinvented

Who remembers Christmas dressing 80’s style? High collars, puffy sleeves and rigid party frocks for girls while the boys were tormented by twee dicky bows and scratchy knits. And we ALWAYS had to wear a skirt to visit Grandma. The way we dress our kids during the festive season probably doesn’t follow such strict formality anymore. Some traditions are absolutely worth keeping while others can be given a modern twist. In Part 2 of our Christmas gift guide we look at some of our favourite festive fashion traditions and give them an Our Kid makeover.

Christmas Pyjamas by The Bright Company at Our Kid

Christmas Eve Pyjamas

Alongside a festive tipple, we like to get our Christmas Eve game on by gifting a new pair of jim jams (from Santa’s elves) to our little ones to make their final sleep before the big day extra special. The Bright Company have a particularly lovely moon design motif this season, loved by boys and girls alike and soooo comfy! If you want to cocoon them in fresh bed loveliness we still have bundles of Junior Bedding which include pillowcase and warm topper or opt for a Knapp blanket for the buggy.

Boys&Girls Starry Jumper at Our Kid

The Christmas Jumper

No kid wants to endure a scratchy fleck knit on Christmas day but you can’t beat a new jumper to signal the festive season. Let the stars on this cheeky number from Boys&Girls lead the way in the style stakes and if you happen to pass a manger on the way, be sure to say hello from us.

Christmas Tutu by Candy Bows at Our Kid

The Party Outfit Pair

“Dresses are SO five minutes ago” said the 3 year old to the mother who just wants her to GET DRESSED. This year, separates rule and the Candy Bow tutu reigns supreme. Pair with a chic stripe from Bob&Blossom for a super comfy look that’s sure to impress Santa.

Blade and Rose Christmas Pudding at Our Kid

Festive Novelty for Baby

Ok, so we’ve all harboured desires to dress our babies up as Rudolph but in reality, the wearability of a synthetic novelty onesie is about 5 minutes before the wailing sets in. We cannot recommend Blade&Rose leggings highly enough and these scrumptious Christmas puds can be worn by boys or girls for a whole day and more. We also have a few pairs of Slugs&Snails Elf tights for babies which are too cute to be hidden away in Santa’s workshop.

Slugs&Snails Elf Tights at Our Kid

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