Win tickets to Big Fish Little Fish for you and your family!

Big Fish Little Fish launched in Manchester in November 2015 and proved to be the hottest ticket of the year. Demand for the self-styled family rave-up outstripped supply and within weeks of announcing their arrival up north the brand had sold out 3 events - before even hosting their first one! It seems that the good parents of Manchester are not quite ready to hang up their raving shoes just yet.

Our Kid was out in force at the launch event at the Irish Club in Chorlton. Entering a darkened rave at 2pm in the afternoon may seem slightly at odds with a typical Sunday but it's amazing how quickly one adapts with the help of a few glow-sticks and some pumping house tunes. 

The older boys loved the freestyle graffiti wall and real fruit lollies and busted some moves to Basement Jaxx while we acclimatised to the liberation of being in a public place, with wine and space for kids to run free.. All set against the soundtrack of our youth. It's quite a heady combination and one that takes a while to sink in. 

 Upstairs was an all together more blissed-out affair and the perfect foil for the hectic vibe on the dancefloor. Set-up as a kind of baby chill-out zone, there were plenty of toys and distractions for all ages with a fenced off area for the really little one's. Tea Hive had a pop-up cake and savouries stall which helped to stave off toddler hunger and we all enjoyed a drink and chat while the kids entertained themselves with inflatable bananas. At this point we all agreed we were living the actual dream. 

Big Fish Little Fish events conclude with their famous parachute dance which was a really sweet sensory experience that reminded us of the last days of disco when you're drinking in the final moments of a wicked club night before making a mad dash for the cloakroom. Only on this occasion it was for the buggy park. How times have changed.

We are so proud to have made friends with the brilliant team behind Big Fish Little Fish and will be supporting their events in every way we can because frankly, they are ace. First up, we're giving away a family ticket to their next event at the Chorlton Irish Club on Sunday 17th January. All you have to do to have a chance of winning is simply follow the instructions via the link below...GOOD LUCK RAVERS!



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