Holiday Like A Mum with Our Kid

You promise yourself that this time it will be different. Packing will be a calm, ordered affair started two weeks ahead of departure. The reality? You start washing EVERYTHING the day before, feel over tired by tea time and silently weep as you shove it all into cases at midnight. Your own personal wardrobe needs were eclipsed weeks ago when you realised your kids feet had grown exponentially and needed new trainers, crocs and sandals. Their pile is both immaculate and fit for all eventualities. Yours? Is a bit limp and circa 2007. Welcome to holidaying like a mum.

If you only upgrade your own bits with the following 5 must-have's we guarantee you'll feel on point from the moment you start your journey to that first blissful sundowner cocktail.

 Best travel t shirt for mums by Mere Soeur at Our Kid

















The Slouchy Travel Tee

Mere Soeur £25

Let’s be honest, not many of us manage to emerge from a journey with kids without some degree of dishevelment. This slouchy tee from Mere Soeur does effortless style with ease and works with the twists and turns of snack distribution for added comfort during those ‘are we there yet’ moments.

Handy pouch for holiday organisation by Mutha.Hood at Our Kid

Travel Pouch

Mutha.Hood £12

We probably speak for all mums when we declare that you can never have enough bags within bags within bags. Compartmentalise all those pesky bits and bobs in this handy pouch, the ideal size to whip out during pit stops and airport lingering. Or to have by the pool to keep mini transformers and Shopkins contained.

Mumboss by Honest Mum essential poolside reading at Our Kid

Poolside Inspiration

Honest Mum £13.99

You simply cannot beat a holiday when it comes to reigniting a love affair with reading. The daily madness of life renders most of us inactive when it comes to getting stuck into a good old fashioned book. We’ve got signed copies of this awesome Honest Mum book which is full of practical tips on how to navigate both the real and digital world.


Scamp&Dude Blush Towelling Sundowner Sweatshirt at Our Kid

Sundowner Sweatshirt

Scamp&Dude £58

Imagine the scene…pink sunset…Aperol spritz…a light chill in the air. Now is exactly the moment to whip out the ultimate sundowner sweatshirt from Scamp&Dude. Quite possibly the softest towelling beauty you will ever get the pleasure of snuggling in to. We also have twinning styles for kids. They’re a summer must!


Multi-tasking muslin for mums, sarong, cover-up and baby shade by Mama Rules at Our Kid

Multi-tasking Muslin

Mama Rules £25

You won’t know how you survived without one of these no matter where you travel this summer. It’s one massive square of soft, swaddly comfort. Designed to reflect your own style and not that of the baby, it can be worn as a sarong, used as a shade, whipped out for a bit of territorial marking on the beach and of course, used as a lightweight swaddle for little ones. A handy ribbon tie makes it so easy to attach to prams, umbrella or as a filter on sunny car windows. Buy one immediately! You won’t regret it.


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