Our Kid Loves...No Mess Craft Kits You Can Do Anywhere!

The battery is flat on your ipad nanny, the rain is falling and the kids are frankly feral. There are times when an emergency activity kit can be your ultimate fall back solution to keeping little minds occupied. But we’re not talking exploding volcano levels of effort (although we rate those highly too!). The new breed of craft kits are pocket sized, pretty on the eye and can be mastered without too much weeping (parents we’re looking at you). Read on for our top picks of the no mess craft kits you can do anywhere…

Kits for when you’re stuck indoors and need to kill an hour

Make Your Own Superhero Mask Craft Kit at Our Kid

Superhero Masks, £12.95 Cotton Twist

This bad boy contains everything you need to create five superhero masks including gems, felt and glitter. Just add imagination and an evil genius to bring the scene to life.

Make Your Own Peg Doll Family Craft Kit at Our Kid

Girls Peg Doll Craft Kit, £12.95 Cotton Twist

Fashion sweet little peg doll family of mermaid, princess, fairy and bride with this shiny pretty collection of beads and fancies.

Kits for when you want to eat out and finish that last divine mouthful in peace

Pirate Keyring Craft Kit at Our Kid

Pirate Keyring, £4.50 Cotton Twist

Craft in a tin – double win! Once you’ve enjoyed fashioning a pirate keyring, you can keep all ye pirate treasures in the cute tin. Which let’s face it, is destined to be the element of this kit that most kids will cherish for years to come.

Make Your Own Fair Bracelet Craft Kit at Our Kid

Make Your Own Fairy Bracelet, £4.50 Cotton Twist

Our Make Your Own kits are small and easy to assemble so perfect for confined spaces including restaurants, aeroplanes, trains and automobiles. They come in a range of Make Your Own guises including Model Aeroplane, Skeleton Keyring, Wild West Headdress, Magic Wand and more.

Kits that are not strictly craft but are definitely creative

Tegu Travel Pals Kit Hummingbird at Our Kid
Hummingbird Travel Pal, £18 Tegu

This small but perfectly formed set of magnetic wooden blocks can be fashioned into more shapes that your tiny adult mind could even imagine! With a handy inspiration guide on the box, they make for a great travel companion whatever your mode of transport.

My First Racing Car Magformers at Our Kid

My First Racing Car, £20 Magformers

Continuing the magnetic theme, we introduce our bestselling brain building kit – the mighty Magformers. More compelling that first meets the eye, they draw kids in like nothing else we’ve experienced. Properly magnetic, sturdy during moments of frustration and they offer limitless construction opportunities. A must for any rainy day kit.

Slime Kit at Our Kid

Slippery Slime, £7 Galt Toys

Ok so we promised not to talk messy crafts but slime transcends all the rules as it’s such a thing! This low-commitment kit is both easy on the purse and the work surface and teaches young minds how to make fart noises amongst other life lesson essentials.

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