Cool Kid's Interiors: Fairground Letter Lights

We have THE most amazing new collection of fairground style letter lights available on the website now priced at an incredible £10.99 each! Create your favourite words, names or just accent with an initial. With Up In Lights you can be as wordy as you like. Available from A - Z, these stylish matte MDF white letters tap effortlessly into the trend for typographic interior details in the home. 

September 25, 2015 by Tess Grindle

Must-Have Monochrome Available Now At Our Kid

Introducing The Wonder Years by Nor-folk, a capsule collection of timeless typography led t-shirts that document birthdays with understated cool. Arguably one of the hottest brands to emerge from Instagram in 2015, Nor-Folk give every design-appreciating parent the opportunity to ensure their little ones stand out from the crowd, cutting through the norm with these beautifully simple yet elegant designs. 

Nor-Folk the brand was conceived by Fiona Burrage, a graphic designer, mother and creative director of the label she started alongside her husband Bobby. Her captivating Instagram feed @nor_folk is the driving force behind the collection's insanely successful growth and we'll be catching up with Fiona in a later post to find out how she's balancing social media stardom with the everyday humdrum of being a mum.

Given the concept of The Wonder Years, sizes are by year (i.e. no.1 is sized 1-2 yrs, no.2 is 2-3 yrs and so on). At £19.99 they're a monochrome must for every birthday milestone!

Shop Nor-Folk at Our Kid now...

August 31, 2015 by Tess Grindle