Me and #mykid - Tess and Jack

Me and #mykid is a little interview we dreamt up to reveal a bit more about ourselves. To launch the series, Our Kid Co-founder Tess talks teddies, sleep and tickling...

Love singingsilly made-up songs about bogies and dinosaurs.

Love cuddles withteddy mouse, Emma bunny, other Emma, teddy doggy, Mr Dinosaur, sinister white bear, monkey, George pig, Mr Dinosaur and nana Polly bear!

Secretlyeat chocolate buttons in the car after nursery.

Couldn’t live withoutthe promise of a full nights sleep.

Always readKipper stories by Mike Inkpen.

Love going on holiday toDorset for our annual pilgrimage to Camp Bestival.

Can’t wait totell Jack he’s going to be a big brother.

Have the most fun when...we play tickling, jumping and making dens in bed at the weekend.


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