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Me and #mykid Emma AKA Brummymummyof2 and Ethan

We'd like to extend a big warm welcome to Brummy bab Emma aka Brummymummyof2 aka the mummy bloggers voice of choice to Me and #mykid. Em has collaborated with Our Kid to produce our first online competition featuring a fab review of our Maxomorra and Boys&Girls clobber as worn by her kid Ethan. If you fancy entering, you could win £50 to spend with us so what are you waiting for? Check out her blog now!


Love singing...Yo Ho Jake and the Neverland Pirates!

Love cuddles with... the one and only IgglePiggle. Nothing else can fill his place.

Secretly…go on adventures with Mummy whilst my sister is at pre-school.

Couldn’t live without…my early morning mimi (dummy).

Always read…ANYTHING with an animal in. Or a dinosaur. Roar!

Love going on holiday to…Butlins with Nanny San and Gwandad Rog

Can’t wait to…go to EuroDisney next year and see Jake in the flesh!

Have the most fun when...Daddy is pretending to be the Gruffalo and chasing us up and down.

October 19, 2014 by Tess Grindle

Me and #mykid...Alienor Falconer, founder of The Bright Company

To celebrate the arrival of our amazing new sleepwear collection from The Bright Company, we're delighted to share a special Me and #mykid from the label's founder Alienor Falconer, mum to Corwin and Effie.
Love singing… along to Space Pirates in the car or singing and dancing in the kitchen to the radio, especially when The Cure comes on
Love cuddles with…all the Cocos (jelly cat rabbits, as named by Corwin when he was 18 months old), little white scratchy Coco is no.1, then there is Big Coco, Brown Coco and Effie’s Coco, Effie loves a muzzy too.
Secretly… I love dressing the kids in matching pjs, it’s rare our washing is ever that organised but when it is I love it!
Couldn’t live without…my mum who does a huge amount for us as a family, including looking after both kids for two days a week.
Always read…stories before bed, we love Sarah Dyer and Dr Zeus
Love going on holiday to…anywhere as long as we are together, we have got to have a beach and swimming though, and of course some sunshine!
Can’t wait to… ave full on chats to Effie, she is just learning to speak and it’s amazing how much is in there just waiting to burst out.
Have the most fun when...we are on the beach with a picnic, the sun is shining and we have no-where else to be.


October 02, 2014 by Tess Grindle

Carmen wears Nadadelazos #whatthekidswore

Carmen is one of our most loyal customers and wears Our Kid with real style. It's no surprise she's a natural in front of the camera as mum Natalie is a bit of a hit on instagram with her daily posts @whatthekidswore about her lovely family's sartorial style. 

If you fancy your little one in this beautiful playsuit by Nadadelazos we still have a couple on stock with 20% discount in our summer sale. Don't forget to post a pic if you love your Our Kid purchase, we're online @ourkidsocial on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and you might even fancy letting Natalie know over at #whatthekidswore.

July 25, 2014 by Tess Grindle

Me and #mykid - Kate and Max

This week, Our Kid co-founder Kate goes all Dolly and talks Daphne Du Maurier in Me and #mykid

 Love singingDolly Parton!

Love cuddles withMy boys (son Max and husband Luke) 

Secretlylove watching old British crime dramas.

Couldn’t live without...holidays and white wine.

Always readRebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. My son Max is named after one of the main characters. 

Love going on holiday to... Positano, Italy. Where I got married and it was just as good when we took Max last year.

Can’t wait it all again in October!

Have the most fun when...we go to the Zoo. Max loves animals so much we all get really in to it. 

June 21, 2014 by Tess Grindle

Me and #mykid - Tess and Jack

Me and #mykid is a little interview we dreamt up to reveal a bit more about ourselves. To launch the series, Our Kid Co-founder Tess talks teddies, sleep and tickling...

Love singingsilly made-up songs about bogies and dinosaurs.

Love cuddles withteddy mouse, Emma bunny, other Emma, teddy doggy, Mr Dinosaur, sinister white bear, monkey, George pig, Mr Dinosaur and nana Polly bear!

Secretlyeat chocolate buttons in the car after nursery.

Couldn’t live withoutthe promise of a full nights sleep.

Always readKipper stories by Mike Inkpen.

Love going on holiday toDorset for our annual pilgrimage to Camp Bestival.

Can’t wait totell Jack he’s going to be a big brother.

Have the most fun when...we play tickling, jumping and making dens in bed at the weekend.


If you fancy featuring in your own little interview, ping us an email to


June 16, 2014 by Tess Grindle