Our Kid does Halloween

It has to be said that one of my greatest parenting disappointments to date is Jack's total and absolute rejection of Halloween fancy dress. Case in point the first epic fail in my attempt to get him into the party mood aged almost 1 (see picture above) when I squeezed him into a Quality Save skeleton special at Baby Sensory only for him to sit bemused/horrified during the whole sorry session. Year 2 I fared no better as he went into a complete party meltdown when faced with a pull-on pumpkin vest while I watched forlornly as a roomful of compliant little witches and goblins casting magic spells over each other.

This year WILL BE DIFFERENT. I've discovered a way to embrace seasonal happenings with a subtlety that no toddler can resist...sweets and ice-cream! Come October 31st I'll be hosting a 'Spooky Sundae' party for Jack and his little buddies where my passion for dressing up will be channeled in its entirety into a table full of ghoulish goodies including skull shots of green jelly, bloodied (jam) sandwiches and around 20 varieties of jellied sweet in a range of maggoty, froggy, wormy incarnations that the kids can use to dress up their ice-creams.

Heck I'm even going to sneak in some cat masks, witches hats and brooms in case my fancy-dress averse munchkin has a change of heart. 

The good news for those of you who DO have a little one that loves to get into the spirit of dress-up is that Our Kid has some really cool choices that will be wearable way beyond any novelty outfit. Take these Slugs and Snails tights featuring spooky ghosts and skulls which will finish off any outfit with a funky twist.

Or if you prefer a more subtle approach, this Bob&Blossom striped skull t-shirt could be a winner.

Or why not take an alternative approach to pumpkin orange and opt for a yellow tutu paired with black as modelled by Carmen and Alma at our recent Candy Bows shoot.


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