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Our Kid does Halloween

It has to be said that one of my greatest parenting disappointments to date is Jack's total and absolute rejection of Halloween fancy dress. Case in point the first epic fail in my attempt to get him into the party mood aged almost 1 (see picture above) when I squeezed him into a Quality Save skeleton special at Baby Sensory only for him to sit bemused/horrified during the whole sorry session. Year 2 I fared no better as he went into a complete party meltdown when faced with a pull-on pumpkin vest while I watched forlornly as a roomful of compliant little witches and goblins casting magic spells over each other.

This year WILL BE DIFFERENT. I've discovered a way to embrace seasonal happenings with a subtlety that no toddler can resist...sweets and ice-cream! Come October 31st I'll be hosting a 'Spooky Sundae' party for Jack and his little buddies where my passion for dressing up will be channeled in its entirety into a table full of ghoulish goodies including skull shots of green jelly, bloodied (jam) sandwiches and around 20 varieties of jellied sweet in a range of maggoty, froggy, wormy incarnations that the kids can use to dress up their ice-creams.

Heck I'm even going to sneak in some cat masks, witches hats and brooms in case my fancy-dress averse munchkin has a change of heart. 

The good news for those of you who DO have a little one that loves to get into the spirit of dress-up is that Our Kid has some really cool choices that will be wearable way beyond any novelty outfit. Take these Slugs and Snails tights featuring spooky ghosts and skulls which will finish off any outfit with a funky twist.

Or if you prefer a more subtle approach, this Bob&Blossom striped skull t-shirt could be a winner.

Or why not take an alternative approach to pumpkin orange and opt for a yellow tutu paired with black as modelled by Carmen and Alma at our recent Candy Bows shoot.


October 19, 2014 by Tess Grindle

Me and #mykid Emma AKA Brummymummyof2 and Ethan

We'd like to extend a big warm welcome to Brummy bab Emma aka Brummymummyof2 aka the mummy bloggers voice of choice to Me and #mykid. Em has collaborated with Our Kid to produce our first online competition featuring a fab review of our Maxomorra and Boys&Girls clobber as worn by her kid Ethan. If you fancy entering, you could win £50 to spend with us so what are you waiting for? Check out her blog now!


Love singing...Yo Ho Jake and the Neverland Pirates!

Love cuddles with... the one and only IgglePiggle. Nothing else can fill his place.

Secretly…go on adventures with Mummy whilst my sister is at pre-school.

Couldn’t live without…my early morning mimi (dummy).

Always read…ANYTHING with an animal in. Or a dinosaur. Roar!

Love going on holiday to…Butlins with Nanny San and Gwandad Rog

Can’t wait to…go to EuroDisney next year and see Jake in the flesh!

Have the most fun when...Daddy is pretending to be the Gruffalo and chasing us up and down.

October 19, 2014 by Tess Grindle

Me and #mykid...Alienor Falconer, founder of The Bright Company

To celebrate the arrival of our amazing new sleepwear collection from The Bright Company, we're delighted to share a special Me and #mykid from the label's founder Alienor Falconer, mum to Corwin and Effie.
Love singing… along to Space Pirates in the car or singing and dancing in the kitchen to the radio, especially when The Cure comes on
Love cuddles with…all the Cocos (jelly cat rabbits, as named by Corwin when he was 18 months old), little white scratchy Coco is no.1, then there is Big Coco, Brown Coco and Effie’s Coco, Effie loves a muzzy too.
Secretly… I love dressing the kids in matching pjs, it’s rare our washing is ever that organised but when it is I love it!
Couldn’t live without…my mum who does a huge amount for us as a family, including looking after both kids for two days a week.
Always read…stories before bed, we love Sarah Dyer and Dr Zeus
Love going on holiday to…anywhere as long as we are together, we have got to have a beach and swimming though, and of course some sunshine!
Can’t wait to… ave full on chats to Effie, she is just learning to speak and it’s amazing how much is in there just waiting to burst out.
Have the most fun when...we are on the beach with a picnic, the sun is shining and we have no-where else to be.


October 02, 2014 by Tess Grindle

From cot to big bed: 5 top transition tips

 Last week’s post about amazing toddler bed and tent ideas proved to be a popular read and it got us thinking. It’s all very well having the ultimate setting to move your little one into but what happens if they HATE IT?? There was only one person to call with this question and that’s sleep guru Nicola Watson of Child Sleep Solutions who has helped countless families regain sanity when sleep patterns go wonky. She’s kindly shared her 5 top transition tips to help anyone out there who is considering the big move.

Nicola says; “the move from a cot to a bed is one that faces all parents at some point and it can cause a lot of angst.  Parents wonder when they ‘should’ be moving their little one though there is really no right answer.  Most children make the move at some point between 18 months and 3 ½ years and the reasons vary.  It might be that your little one has out grown their cot, or maybe they want to be more independent like an older sibling; the most pressing reason is that they have learnt to climb out of their cot, something that can be pretty dangerous! 

Before making the move ensure that the new room is safe and anywhere that your little one can access from the bedroom is also safe, just in case they decide that they can creep out of bed at 3am and have an explore!

Whatever the reason make the move when it feels right for you and your little one and use these top 5 tips to ensure you don’t run into trouble!

  1. Choose an otherwise calm time in their lives with no other big disruptions such as starting nursery, potty training or the arrival of a new sibling.  It’s also best to ensure that they are healthy and well so they don’t have to make the adjustment while feeling below par.
  2. Make sure that your little one is familiar with the room and has spent time in there alone and involve them in the adjustments!  Let them choose their new duvet cover and decide where the bed should go whilst making the whole move sound exciting and positive.  If they are especially sensitive a new cuddly toy to take to the new bed with them to keep them company can help them feel more secure.  As well as these new purchases make sure that there are some familiar things with them such as an old comforter, a familiar pillow or attach a familiar cot toy to the new bed.
  3. It sounds silly but don’t tell them that they can get out!!  A lot of little ones do not realise that they can actually climb freely out of bed now and still lay in bed waiting for a parent to come and get them up!  It’s best not to put the idea into their head just in case!
  4. Keep to the same routine as you have always kept to; the bedtime routine is your best friend in this transition – if you keep to the exact same predictable bedtime routine the transition will be easier for you and your little one.
  5. If your little one is nervous and feels too anxious to stay alone in their new bed sit with them at first but with little interaction and limited dialogue until they settle.  You can then move a little further away towards the door every few nights to allow them to adjust to settling in their new bed alone.  If however, your little one is seeing this as an opportunity to party and run riot stay firm from the very first night; return them to bed with clear, concise instruction as many times as it takes for them to decide they might as well go to sleep!  You need to start as you mean to go on and don’t let bad habits develop!

Nicola has a BA (Hons) in Social Science and Psychology as well as training with the MNT training school at Reading University as a Child Sleep Consultant.  She is a member of the professional body the British Sleep Society and the Sleep Professionals Association. For more information about Nicola and the services she provides go to or call 0208 8511454.

July 17, 2014 by Tess Grindle