Our Kid Voted One of Manchester's Most Family Friendly Cafes!

Our Kid Voted One of Manchester's Most Family Friendly Cafes

The Manchester Evening News has released a definitive list of Manchester's most family-friendly cafes and Our Kid is ranked in the top 3!! We're so happy, we're dancing a jig.

Our aim when we launched was to create a shop with a cool space for families to stop-by and enjoy. We've based every detail on stuff we love. So you can expect toddler-appropriate plates and cutlery, simple food that's freshly made (and won't hurt your purse) and toys to play with. It's a bit like being at a friends house. Comfy and intimate. Just right for a meet-up or quiet moment with your little one's.

Since we opened we've gone on to win a prestigious award for Best Independent Newcomer so in addition to the cafe, you will find an abundance of temptation in the form of cool kids clothing, toys and gifts. It really is a treasure trove of treats.

Thank you to all of the parents out there that voted for us. We're in some seriously good company and feel a little road-trip coming on to check out some of the new faces that appear...

Check out the full list here 

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