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Boss Babs Mr & Miss Match Equal Pairs Game


Brand Boss Babs

Stop scrolling, you have found the unique, cool gift you were looking for in Boss Babs Mr&Miss Match Equal Pairs game! Brilliantly unisex in its equality message, players can discover 20 aspirational jobs to find and match.

Each pair is made up of boys and girls alike in roles that are usually dominated by one gender. This matching game teaches equality from a young age, empowering the next generation.

Please note this message is just as important for boys as it is for girls! Tom, Dick or Harry, Meg, Vick or Sally… if he can, she can and if she can, he can. SNAP!

Illustrated by Bobbi Rae, printed on thick wipeable board with rounded corners and comes in a handy canvas drawstring bag making it a great game to play on the go!   

About Boss Babs

Boss Babs was founded in 2017 whilst founder Jenny was on maternity  leave. Having worked as an Art Director in a London ad agency prior to having her lovely kids Nancy and Dawson, she missed the sense of fulfilment that making things (other than babies) gives you. 

Jenny's founding product, The GALphabet, was inspired by her amazing little girl Nancy and their hopes and dreams for her future. Jenny says;

"We wanted Nancy to grow up with the same boundless sense of confidence and possibility as any other child, never let being a girl hold her back. What started as just a little idea, has grown and grown and I have absolutely LOVED watching it, and working at it (when the kids allow) to make it happen. Creating ideas that fuel change is our passion and we have so many ideas that we want to bring your way. So keep your peepers peeled, and thank you all for your support so far."