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MAILEG - Baby Mice Twins In Box


  1. What’s the only thing better than one Maileg Baby Mouse? Two Maileg Baby Mice!

With the Maileg Twin Baby Mouse in a Box set, your little one will receive not one, but two Maileg soft toy dolls along with a charming matchbox bed.

Made from cotton and featuring sweet, embroidered faces, large ears and gorgeous little leather tails, these twin mice are seriously cute and easy to love. They even wear matching outfits with one in a blue striped onesie and the other in a pink striped onesie.

Of course, both of these little twins need to have a bib for mealtimes, so they each have their own that says “Maileg”.

When it comes time for bed, the Maileg twins love to cuddle up next to each other and sleep in their lovely matchbox bed. Made from sturdy cardboard and featuring whimsical illustrations of twin baby mice, the matchbox bed is both durable and beautiful. It also features colourful and cosy bedding.

Dimensions: mouse 3 inches tall, box 4.25 x 3 x 1.75 inches. 
Recommendations: 3 years +
Made with 100% Cotton with 100% polyester filler. 

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